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release gadjit 0.2
    orb - 2001-08-27 10:08   -   Gadjit Project
Gadjit 0.2 is done. The basic queries supported
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released gadjit-0.1
    orb - 2001-08-20 15:00   -   Gadjit Project
0.1 is out. The basic jar analysis are done and seem to work well. The initial set of reports is rather limited, but they will be coming in subsequent releases. I don't think the install process is very good, so suggestions and/or help on that would be very appreciated.
using bcel bytecode library
    orb - 2001-08-08 21:01   -   Gadjit Project
I found the BCEL project on sourceforge which provides good bytecode manipulation functionality. I've tested it out to see how it works and everything looks good. The next step will be to actually pull the dependencies out of the bytecode so that we can do more interesting analysis.
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Getting Started
    orb - 2001-08-05 22:20   -   Gadjit Project
I've just put some initial core code in - mostly a test of the build system (ant) and testing (junit) with the barest amount of functionality. My goal for the first release will be able to imput a set of jars and perform two basic tasks:
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